I Donut Care – Abell Octovan x MightyJaxx

I Donut Care - Abell Octovan x MightyJaxx

Here’s something else to get excited about!

MightyJaxx has teamed up with Abell Octovan to produce a vinyl run of this awesome piece titled “I Donut Care”. The bright colours and curves will trigger your nostalgia and make for an awesome twist piece on the shelfie. This piece is 8 inches tall.

Scheduled to drop this Saturday 19 May, 10am EDT on mightyjaxx.rocks. You can grab one for yourself (set an alarm and be quick) for US$129!

Here’s some more pretty pics of what’s to come:

Life is not always rainbow dots and butter rolls, but that’s no reason to be upset. When things get less than palatable, sometimes we just gotta flash ‘em that bright yellow finger and give less of a care too.

Standing 8” tall, this vinyl art collectible makes a strong stand that while caring about things is good, being too concerned with too many things will take away the fun in life. This plump yellow hand balancing a sweet donut, while flippin’ an unapologetic middle finger at all the naysayers of the world, is the perfect statement piece for anyone who simply ran out of fucks to give.

Click here to get $10 off!

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